Dan Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For nails, almost all women go to salons, because today's nail technicians can do amazing things that they can't do themselves. Our GEL nails are a special part of your beauty, because even when you're not wearing makeup or your finest outfits, your nails still make an amazing statement of elegance! Perfect nails are the mark of a beautiful, confidant, healthy woman.

Why choose GEL over acrylic or even over your natural nail?

Oasis team's answers:

1. The GEL nail is healthy. keeps your natural nail intact, protects it and keeps it breathing.
2. The GEL nails look more natural, glossy and healthy than any other product.
3. The GEL nail is flexible, so in case you break one, it won't ruin your natural nail. You can fix just the broken one, no pain involved.
4. The GEL nails are odor-free. You will feel comfortable putting them on.

Besides all the advantages of the GEL nails, let us give you another reason: we only use TOP products, we don't care how hard is to get them, as long as YOU are happy.


Anonymous said...

Is there ANY risk at all of developing a nail fungus from GEL nails?

Oasis said...

Dear Anonymous,
The nail fungus doesn't develop BECAUSE of GEL nails, not even from Acrylic, even if the risk is much higher when you wear acrylic nails.
The main causes of fungus are the environment and the health condition of the individual. In a tropical area, humid and warm, the concentration of the bacteria in the air is higher. Also, poorly sterilized tools help spreading the disease.
For more info about fungus i recommend you this links:

What I can tell you is that we try hard to prevent and cure any nail problem. We really sterilize our tools, we do our best not to hurt your cuticle and the skin around the nails, and we chose to promote our GEL because besides all the advantages, even the fungi risk is lower.

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