Dan Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You want to be beautiful, you want a change; makeup, hairstyle, nails... so where do you start?

We at Oasis, we are in the first place Beauty Consultants. We know our job very well and we like to do it. We enjoy making you look and feel good.

We discovered the power of makeup. And we like to share.

Let us make you look perfect for any occasion; flawless professional look for your business meeting or job interview, a stunning look for your night out and special occasions, and maybe most important, the unforgettable look for your wedding.
We will use the products that fit best for your skin and hair, we will show you how to enhance your own natural beauty!


For nails, almost all women go to salons, because today's nail technicians can do amazing things that they can't do themselves. Our GEL nails are a special part of your beauty, because even when you're not wearing makeup or your finest outfits, your nails still make an amazing statement of elegance! Perfect nails are the mark of a beautiful, confidant, healthy woman.

Why choose GEL over acrylic or even over your natural nail?

Oasis team's answers:

1. The GEL nail is healthy. keeps your natural nail intact, protects it and keeps it breathing.
2. The GEL nails look more natural, glossy and healthy than any other product.
3. The GEL nail is flexible, so in case you break one, it won't ruin your natural nail. You can fix just the broken one, no pain involved.
4. The GEL nails are odor-free. You will feel comfortable putting them on.

Besides all the advantages of the GEL nails, let us give you another reason: we only use TOP products, we don't care how hard is to get them, as long as YOU are happy.


Here at Oasis, we believe in beauty.
We are here to discover and show the world the beauty of each customer that steps inside.
Our staff comes from the BVI, Trinidad, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Romania, Dominican Republic and we are always looking forward for professionals to join our team.

Every member of our team has been seeing the beauty of the people... not only from his home country, but from all over the world. That's why we trust that we can do a lot for YOU, wherever you come from. You can't be convinced of the quality of our services until you see it with your own eyes. You just HAVE TO come see us, make an appointment, watch for a little while the smile on our customers faces.
Beauty -> Confidence -> Succes -> HAPPINESS!!!
See? It all starts here.


As we always search for ways to improve our services, we bring staff from allover the world.
That's how we found Nicolette, from Romania, Europe. She worked for 9 years in high class European Salons as a Nail Technician and Hairdresser.
She has a passion for perfect nails. Combining the Caribbean techniques and the European ones, her manicures and pedicures are maybe the best on the island!


"I check the beauty news and celebrity news every day, I see the latest trends, so I can provide my customers the latest and most luxurious look. A woman must be beautiful, she needs to have perfect nails and hair so she can be confident and always happy.
I enjoy meeting new people and making lots of friends.
What I like most in Oasis? The fact that we truly are a team and all our customers leave the salon happy and beautiful."


Dear Oasis customers, we would like to introduce you to the newest SPA in BVI, in Myettt's complex. We provide the same high class full services in this new location.

As we know that you will never be pampered enough, we invite you to have a relaxing one hour massage in the sound of the caribbean waves, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Let us give you girls a tip! If you have a day off, or if you just have a few free hours, or you came for a visit and the weather that day is not for you, please take advantage of our offer called "girls just want to have fun". Sounds interesting, right? For 3 hours you will feel like a queen! manicure, pedicure, mini-facial treatment and a massage. We also include a famous Myestt's painkiller!
You can call any day to make an appointment!


Dear Oasis customers,
Let us introduce ourselves!

Joanne - the new owner of the shop, working as an hairstylist for 20 years.
 "I always wanted to be a hairstylist.  
The most important thing for me is building a relationship with the clients. Learning every day what they desire. In all those years, working here, most of my clients became my friends.
I like to give advice, not opinions. I only work for the best result."